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Scholarships are awarded to GSHL players as follows:

  • $1,000 Senior
  • $750 Junior
  • $500 Sophomore
  • $250 Freshman

GSHL players are eligible for scholarships every school year. So a player that is a high school Freshman can possibly get a total of $2,500 in scholarship funds from GSHL.

Required Steps:

  1. Send an email to to notify the Scholarship Committee of your intention to apply for a GSHL Scholarship.
  2. Download and fill out the GSHL Scholarship Packet below.
  3. Acquire letters of recommendation from teachers and coach's. The GSHL Scholarship Recommendation form will help you acquire these letters.
  4. Submit the Application, letters of recommendation and a copy of your most recent grade report to the GSHL Scholarship Committee by April 1st to the follow address:


GSHL Foundation Scholarships

c/o Marc Cohen

6115 Wild Timber Road

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Any additional questions may be sent to the Scholarship Committee at

GSHL Scholarship Online- Application


Click here to download the REFERENCE REQUEST LETTER

Scholarship winners will be announced by May 15th

To request your Scholarship Award for College, complete the Disbursement Request Form.



Past Winners of the GSHL Scholarships